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Practical understanding through research and development

Through research and development opportunities, the Alliance plans to develop practical understanding of how to address the key issues facing teaching schools as well as an evidence base that can inform schools more widely, supporting the drive to a more evidence-informed profession (based on the Ben Goldacre research).

It aims to provide opportunities for training, sharing expertise and wider dissemination of what works and provide a forum for networking between teaching school leaders and teachers, so they can learn from and with each other.

This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as:

  • Undertaking research and development projects within their alliance to identify and/or help tackle key school improvement priorities
  • Participation in the national 'Closing the Gap: Test and Learn' scheme designed to test school and classroom interventions with groups of schools that make a positive difference in closing the attainment gap 

View the latest 'Closing the Gap' reports and research posters, which can be found on the gov.uk wesbite

  • Networking with other teaching school leaders, enabling the dissemination of learning from research including attendance at the research and development annual conference in November and participation in an online forum

Our current Research & Development working group

R&D working group

The West Essex Teaching School Alliance has an active Research and Development working group.

The group, which is made up of practitioners from all Key Stages within our Alliance schools, are involved in a range of classroom-based action research that has been undertaken over the past two years. Their research covers both primary and secondary phases and aims to give teachers the opportunity to share practice that will impact on school improvement. 

Here are some examples of the projects they have been working on, in the format of poster briefs.

Bar modelling to support the solving of word problems in Maths             'Closing the Gap' test and learn scheme    Cognitive online gaming                        Developing a mental health app  

Fast and effective assement and marking                                           

Flipped learning

Growth Mindsets - 'I can't do this.....YET'           

Health and well-being project

Independent learning

Numicon project for numeracy

Parental involvement in Maths homework     

The role of peer observation in raising achievement in Maths      

The role of peer observation in enhancing teaching and learning    

The use of QR codes in the classroom