West Essex TSA

Our Specialist Leaders of Education

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Sue Blow - Special Educational Needs

Claire Moore - SEND, Autism

Lorna Ford - SEND, Inclusion

Primary School Support

Sian Cockman - Primary Lead Practitioner & KS1 phonics and literacy

Susan Marbe - ITT, NQT, DT

Angela Cass - Mathematics, System Leadership, ITT, Growth Mindsets

Debbie Setterfield - Literacy, Drama, Growth Mindsets, ITT, NQT, Mentoring

Vicky Boudakian - English, Teaching and Learning

Sami Taylor - EYFS, Phonics

Hannah Dogherty - Mathematics

Katie Cockerell - Maths

Kirsty Johnson - English, developing teams

Michelle Rigby - Mathematics, creative curriculum

Lorna Ford - SEND, Inclusion

Matt Girvan - Maths

Anne-Marie Black - Maths, Microsoft teams, ITT

Stephanie Knezic - Maths, MFL

Matthew Harrison - Computing

Sarah-Jane Parrish - Maths, EYFS, Subject Leadership

Henry Freeman - Computing

Claire Dempsey - Science, Team leadership

Rebecca Arnould - Safeguarding, Curriculum management, Subject Leaders, Behaviour



Secondary School Support

Paul Cooper - Science

Jennifer Gaffan - Science

Ann Robinson Smith - RE & Humanities

Kayleigh Trainor - Geography

Karen Humphreys - Art

Adam Smith - PE

Cristin Casey - Music, Dance and Performing Arts

Sue Blow - SEND

Paul Andrew- Science

Dan Bolt - PE

Claire Moore - SEND, Autism

Robyn Gilbert - Science, Assessment, ITT

Georgina Wyatt - Mathematics

David Liebeschuetz - Science

Dustin Schuyler - Mathematics, Developing teams and leadership

Donna Walsh - DT, Assessment, ITT

Justine Williams - Psychology

Anna Szpakowska - Curriculum

Florentina Christofi - MFL

Siobhan Brignal - Art

Kristie Fleming - Science

Luke Burrows - Computing