West Essex TSA

Redundancy Briefing (13 Jan 21)

Target audience

  • Headteachers
  • Senior Leaders 
  • Business Managers 
  • Governors (Personnel and Finance) 

Does your current staffing plan meet the needs of your school?  Does it meet the future needs of your school? 

Staffing costs account for the highest proportion of a school’s budget spend (ideally 80-85%).  The most effective schools allocate these resources efficiently, prioritising spending on staffing that facilitates the best outcomes for pupils and the most cost effective support services.  These schools also plan for changes to staffing in tandem with school improvement planning.  

This is a 1 hour session which will explore: 

  • The importance of maintaining the school staffing plan and planning to avoid redundancies 
  • The legal requirements relating to organisational restructuring and redundancies and their practical implementation (including processes and timescales).

This course will also include practical exercises to help managers to explore staff planning and restructuring and redundancy avoidance and management.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop delegates will understand:

  • How to develop and maintain a staffing plan that incorporates the future needs of the school
  • How to manage staffing resources flexibly and effectively manage staff changes, and 
  • The processes and timescales involved in restructuring and redundancy.