West Essex TSA

Secondary School Teacher Training

BMAT Teaching School

The UCAS portal for applications to this partnership opens each October and you are able to view our training programmes on UCAS now.

Burnt Mill Academy acts as the hub school for the Burnt Mill Academy Trust for the Schools Direct Programme and, with alliance schools will be recruiting from 2018. Trainees are recruited and place in both primary and secondary schools across Harlow, Stansted, Epping Forest and Newham. This partnership is with University of East London leading to both PGCE and QTS qualification with recruitment and placement in 10 different schools. Contact walshd@burntmill.essex.sch for more details.

Davenant Foundation School

Davenant Foundation School acts the hub school for the Schools Direct Programme and, with alliance schools will be recruiting from 2018. Trainees are recruited from a range of schools in and around the Essex area. This partnership is with TES and UCL leading to PGCE and QTS qualifications.  Contact rosie.ball@davenant.org  or david.parker@davenant.org for more details or click here to visit their website.


Routes and recruitment:

School Direct offers two main routes into teaching, which is different to the traditional University placement. The salaried route provides an employment based route for high quality graduates with three or more years’ career experience, unless you are coming into a hard to recruit area or filling a subject in high demand. This will depend on your experience in the classroom as with the scheme you will be expected to become the teacher of the class.

Most trainees will be employed as an unqualified teacher for the duration of their training and might receive a tax free bursary. The bursary is given to subjects which are considered to be in shortage these are Physics, Maths, Chemistry, MFL, Computing and Geography, which as of 2018 can be up to £26,000 for those getting a 2.2 or higher.

The recruitment process commences with a range of Teacher Recruitment Information Events which takes place in the autumn term, when all routes into teaching are represented. All ITT applicants must have a degree as well as English and Mathematics at GCSE Grade C or above.  For primary trainees Science is expected also at grade C.

The expectation at both levels is that successful candidates will have spent at least three days working in a School on a voluntary basis and will at some stage be asked to teach part of a lesson so that we can judge potential.

For information on School Direct please visit the DfE website.