West Essex TSA

Teaching Refreshed! (Spring Term 20/21)

Facilitators: Angela Cass, Susan Marbe, Jonathan Bond

3 afternoon sessions

A refresher suitable for experienced teachers detailing three of the latest evidence-based pedagogical methods

Programme content

  1. Teaching for mastery (… and not just maths!)
  • Planning for all learners to succeed; scaffolds and challenges; questioning techniques
  1. Responsive Teaching
  • An update on assessment for learning, live marking and feedback to secure progress
  1. Collaborative Learning
  • Practical strategies to get pupils learning together


Alderton Junior School, IG10 3HE


Wed 13th Jan 2021

Thurs 11th Feb 2021

Tues 16th Mar 2021


All 1:30 to 4:30pm

Cost: £180pp